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Merry Beth Hall
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To Prospective Advertisers from the Editor:

VMEA NOTES, the official journal of the Virginia Music Educators Association, is proud to announce that beginning with the 2013 Fall Issue its target audience will receive the journal via the VMEA website and a new VMEA Notes tablet app.

VMEA is a professional music education organization which has a membership of 2,200 music educators involved at all levels of music instruction from kindergarten to university as well as over 300 collegiate members serving the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Important information and articles are carefully selected for inclusion in NOTES. Classroom activities, lesson plans and rehearsal techniques are just a sample of the types of articles that provide the membership with professional approaches and new ideas for instruction. Information concerning the annual In-Service Conference, reports from all sections, special interest, elections and much more appear in this publication.



As an advertiser, you will not only have a presence in NOTES but will also reach an even larger audience with active URL links directly to your website. This is an opportunity to provide more information concerning your business/institution and also provide up-to-date information directly from you to the music educators and friends of music education in Virginia. Also, another possibility will be the opportunity to integrate video into your ad. And, NOTES will be viewable via apps on tablets which will provide immediate viewing by the membership. These changes will only enhance these advertising opportunities.

NOTES will be available to anyone accessing the VMEA website. This allows anyone interested in music education -- not only in Virginia but nationally and internationally -- to read about music education trends and responses from professionals in the field as well as providing a market for music related goods and services.

Please take time to review the material below.

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Any Questions please contact Merry Beth Hall, Business Manager: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.