Composition Festival

Composition Festival Call for Compositions

Virginia students of teachers who are members of VMEA/NAfME are invited to submit original compositions by students in grades K through 12 for evaluation by a panel of musicians.

Each student who submits a composition will receive a written evaluation that provides feedback about his/her composition. The compositions may be in any style and genre.

Each submitted composition will be considered for inclusion in the VMEA Young Composer Honors Concert at the VMEA Professional Development Conference. Students with documented disabilities will have their own category and may utilize adapted instruments or other means of performance as necessary. 


  • Grades K-5
  • Grades 6-8
  • Grade 9-12
  • K-12 Students with documented disabilities

Evaluation Criteria

Compositions will be judged based on three criteria: Compositional Technique, Overall Musical Appeal, and Originality. VMEA will attempt to represent all four categories of students and will seek to program a concert of varied style, genre, and instrumentation.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Compositions must not exceed five (5) minutes in duration.
  • Compositions may be for a solo instrument or voice, for an ensemble of instruments and/or voices, or electronic.
  • Notation (traditional or non-traditional) of compositions is preferred, but not required.
  • Anystudent (K-12) of a VMEA member is eligible to submit compositions.
  • Each applicant may submit multiple compositions, but each composition requires a separate application and $10 submission fee.
  • If a composition is selected for performance at the VMEA Professional Development Conference, VMEA will assist in the recruitment of performers, but VMEA cannot guarantee a performance.
  • Students whose works are selected will be expected to attend the conference and will have the conference registration fee waived.
  • Travel, housing, and other expenses for students who attend the conference are the responsibility of the composer or sponsoring school.

Application Procedure

The application procedure has three parts:
  1. Before July 1, 2018, register your application online at:
  2. Before July 1, 2018, send a MP3 file of a recording and a PDF file of the score (if applicable) as e-mail attachments to [email protected]. The subject line of the e-mail must include the student’s name. Name the files in this format: Last name, First name-Title. (For example: Beethoven, Ludwig-Sonata.mp3 and Beethoven, Ludwig-Sonata.pdf.) In the body of your e-mail you must include the student’s full name, address, phone number, and title of composition.
  3. A completed Application Form together with an entry fee of $10 per composition (check payable to VMEA) must be postmarked by July 1, 2018 and mailed to:
    Dr.Bruce Hammel
    Chair, VMEA Council for Creativity
    3131 E. Weyburn Rd.
    Richmond VA 23235
For further information, please contact Dr. Bruce Hammel at (804) 560-1516 or at [email protected].

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