VMEA Leadership

VMEA Staff

VMEA State ExecutiveLinda Gammon
24759 Carbonate Terrace
Stone Ridge, VA 20105
[email protected]
VMEA AttorneyBret Zwerdling
5020 Monument Avenue
Richmond, 23230
Editor, VMEA NotesMerry Beth Hall
14421 Stillmeadows Rd.
Montpelier, VA 23192
[email protected]
Conference Exhibits Coord.Jim Stegner
PO Box 602
Powhatan, VA 23139
[email protected]
Conference CoordinatorJeff Marlatt
1460 University Drive
Winchester, VA 22601
[email protected]
Performance Conference CoordinatorMichael Ehrlich
10088 Daniels Run Way
Fairfax, VA 23030
[email protected]

VMEA Officers

PresidentAllen Hall
14421 Stillmeadows Road Montpelier, VA 23912 [email protected]
SecretaryLaura Cole
1200 N. Coalter St.
Staunton, VA 24401
[email protected]
VCDA PresidentBrian Kelly
251 First Woods Drive Winchester, VA 22603[email protected]
VAMHE PresidentNancy Klein
5916 Pinehurst Point Virginia Beach, VA 23464[email protected]
Vice-PresidentJohn Brewington
600 Runnymeade Ct. Va Beach, VA 23542Jo[email protected]
TreasurerDoug Martin
607 Malcolm Place
Alexandria, VA 22302
[email protected]
VEMEA PresidentMaritza Sadowsky
VMEA President-ElectAnnamarie Bollino
VBODA PresidentDoug Spruill
VAMEA PresidentDanielle Roby

 Section Presidents and Ex-Officio

Position Name Email Address
VCDA - President (choral) Brian Kelly [email protected]
VAMHE - President (higher education) Nancy Klein [email protected]
VEMEA - President (elementary) Maritza Sadowsky [email protected]
VBODA - President (band & orch) Doug Spruill [email protected]
VBODA - Orchestra Rep Carrie Finnegan [email protected]
VAMEA - President (administrators) Danielle Roby [email protected]
NOTES - Editor & Business Manager (Journal) Merry Beth Hall [email protected]
Collegiate Advisor
Jennifer McDonel

[email protected]

Dept of Education - Specialist of Fine Arts    
Students w/Special Needs - Chair Alice Hammel [email protected]
Multi-Culture - Chair Cynthia Ramsey [email protected]
Government Relations Daniel Foose
Andy Necessary
Frank Sampson
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Tri-M Chair Jonathan Schoepflin [email protected]
MIOSM Chair    
Conference Exhibits Jim Stegner [email protected]
Attorney Bret Zwerdling  
VHSL Executive Director Kenneth Tilley  
Creativity Chair Bruce Hammel [email protected]
Membership Chair

[email protected]

Guitar Council  Kevin Vigil  [email protected]
Secondary General Music Chair Glenn McCarthy [email protected]
Historian Jack Elgin [email protected]
Media Chair Drew Ross [email protected]

District Chairs

Title Last First Email
1 Miller Clint [email protected]
2 Rossettini Tim [email protected]
3 Sykes Jay    [email protected]
4 Cox Crystal [email protected]
5 Upton Daniel [email protected]
6 Schmitt Nicole [email protected]
7 Cari Belcher [email protected]
8 Parr Gordon [email protected]
9 Agee Anthony [email protected]
10 Engdahl Kevin [email protected]
11 Luley Michael [email protected]
12 Milhoan Sarah [email protected]
13 Hackworth Jason [email protected]
14 Cooper Rebecca [email protected]
15 Miller Rhonda [email protected]
16 Robbins Michelle [email protected]

Active Past Presidents on the Executive Board

Name Address Email Address
Michael Ehrlich 10088 Daniels Run Way, Fairfax  22030 [email protected]
Jack Elgin 1104 Ashley Drive, Chesapeake  22320 [email protected]
Linda Gammon 24759 Carbonate Terrace
Stone Ridge   20105
[email protected]
Terry Hall   [email protected]
Steve King 5250 Keffer Road, Catawba  24070 [email protected]
Scott Lambert 6026 Rollingwood St., Suffolk  23435 [email protected]
Diana Love 73 Quail Rd, Morgantown, WV 26508 [email protected]
Curtis Nolley 237 Divot Dr.,  Harrisonburg 22802 [email protected]
Dan Schoemmell PO Box 62, Basye  22810 [email protected]
Charlotte Smith 465 Chinquapin Trail, Christiansburg 24073 [email protected]

Council of Review

Title Last Name First Name Email

01-Instrumental Rep Isemann Jessica [email protected]
01-Choral Rep - Chair Miller Clint [email protected]
01-Elementary Rep Redmond Iris [email protected]
02-Choral Rep Pinto Corbin [email protected]
02-Elementary Rep Larson Corey [email protected]
02-Instrumental Rep - Chair Rossettini Tim [email protected]
03-Elementary Rep Broderick Meghan [email protected]
03-Instrumental Rep - Chair Syles Jay
[email protected]

03-Choral Rep Stephens Toneika [email protected]
04-Choral Rep  Duncan Robin [email protected]
04-Elementary Rep Crandall Annette [email protected]
04-Instrumental Rep - Chair Cox Crystal [email protected]
05-Choral Rep Dunlap Wesley [email protected]
05-Elementary Rep Smith Jennifer [email protected]
05-Instrumental Rep - Chair Upton Daniel [email protected]
06-Choral Rep - Chair Schmitt Nicole [email protected]
06-Elementary Rep Castro Stefan [email protected]us

06-Instrumental Rep  Allred Scott [email protected]
07-Elementary Rep Garlic Benjamin [email protected]
07-Choral Rep - Chair Belcher Cari
[email protected]

07-Instrumental Rep  Childress Logan [email protected]
08-Elementary Rep Marshall Cynthia [email protected]
08-Choral Rep - Chair Parr Gordon [email protected]
08-Instrumental Rep Higginbotham  Brett [email protected]

09-Elementary Rep Williams Dawn [email protected]
09-Choral Rep Stenson McKenna [email protected]
09-Instrumental Rep - Chair Agee   Anthony [email protected]
10-Choral Rep - Chair Redden-Liotta CJ [email protected]

10-Elementary Rep Lindsay Debra [email protected]
10-Instrumental Rep - Chair Engdahl Kevin [email protected]
11-Choral Rep Babcock Lynne [email protected]
11-Elementary Rep Dohse  Emily  [email protected]
11-Instrumental Rep - Chair Luley Michael [email protected]
12-Elementary Rep Satterwhite Lisette [email protected]
12-Choral Rep - Chair Milhoan Sarah [email protected]
12-Instrumental Rep Fisher Brian [email protected]
13-Choral Rep Blakovich Amber
[email protected]

13-Elementary Rep Vacant    
13-Instrumental Rep - Chair Hackworth Jason [email protected]
14-Instrumental Rep Mergen Lisa [email protected]
14-Choral Rep - Chair Cooper Rebecca [email protected]
14-Elementary Rep Ofstein Jennifer [email protected]
15-Elementary Rep Peabody Christian [email protected]
15-Choral Rep - Chair Miller Rhonda [email protected]
15-Instrumental Rep Addair Ryan [email protected]
16-Choral Rep Cini Cristin [email protected]
16-Elementary Rep Assetto Michele [email protected]
16-Instrumental Rep - Chair Robbins Michelle [email protected]

Past Presidents

Year Name Year Name
1944-1946 Sena Wood 1978-1980 John Savage
1946-1948 Sharon Hoose 1980-1982 Harriet Heath
1948-1950 Wendell Sanderson 1982-1984 David Solomon
1950-1952 Raymond Reed 1984-1986 Daniel Schoemmell
1952-1954 Gene Morlan 1986-1988 Betty Tabor
1954-1956 Sidney Berg 1988-1990 Charlotte Collins
1956-1957 Luroy Krumwiede 1990-1992 Robert Stamback
1957-1958 Leo Imperial 1992-1994 Stephen E. King
1958-1960 William Troxell 1994-1996 Diana B. Love
1960-1962 Bernard Busse 1996-1998 Davidson Burgess
1962-1964 Catherine Dycus 1998-2000 Scott Lambert
1964-1966 Alton Howell 2000-2002 Terry Austin
1966-1968 Paul Sanger 2002-2004 Linda Gammon
1968-1970 Donald Tennant 2004-2006 Charlotte Smith
1970-1972 Ruth Pace 2006-2008 Curtis Nolley
1972-1974 James Simmons 2008-2010 Michael Ehrlich
1974-1976 Dorris Hutton 2010-2012 Jack Elgin
1976-1978 Sidney Swiggett 2012-2014 Lois Castonguay
1974-1976 Dorris Hutton 2014-2016 Terry Hall

Contact Information

Requests for VMEA information should be addressed to the State Executive. All postings to this site must be made through your section president. Any problems with the website need to be addressed to the webmaster. 

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