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2020 Honors Choir Performance Video


A determination on whether the Senior Honors Choir Auditions will be held in person or virtually has not been made for the fall of 2021.  The auditions committee will make this decision by June 15 depending on the ability for school systems to travel to the audition location.  If held in person, the auditions will take place on October 9.  If held virtually, we will use OpusEvent again this year to facilitate the virtual audition process.

Regardless of whether the audition is live or virtual, students will perform a prepared song, "If Music Be the Food of Love" and complete one sight-reading example chosen from several at random. 

Soprano and Tenors will sight-read in the keys of Eb, F, or G major. Altos and Basses will sight-read in the keys of A, Bb, or D major. The vocal range for the sight-reading is from "Ti" (below) to "La" (above) the starting tonic pitch. Please contact the VMEA Senior Honors Choir Chairs with any questions.

Repertoire:  "If Music Be the Food of Love", Henry Purcell

Soprano 1/Tenor 1: B-flat major
Soprano 2/Tenor 2: A-flat major
Alto 1/Bass 1: F major
Alto 2/Bass 2: E-flat major

2020 VMEA Senior Honor Choir FAQs

Below you will find frequently asked questions about the 2020 VMEA Senior Honor Choir Auditions, as well as tutorial videos. Please look through all of the items below and if you still have unanswered questions, contact the Senior Honor Choir Audition Chairs: Jordan or My-Van

       Downloadable Verision of FAQs

Q: Where do I register for the event?

A: We are doing auditions virtually this year with Opus Event. The event homepage can be accessed here. You will need to create an account at https://audition.opusevent.com/ and add your work location for each school you will be submitting auditions.

Q: How do I add my school to my Opus Event profile?

A: In your Opus Event profile, click on “Add a location where you work” and select “Add New Location” and add all the relevant information. View this tutorial video to assist with this process.

Q: How long is registration open?

A: Teachers may create an account at Opus Event and register students through November 30 when the audition window closes.

Q: What information do I need to collect from my student before I can register them?

A: You will need the following information from each student

  • Student’s Desired Voice Part
  • Student’s First and Last Name
  • Student’s E-mail Address
  • Student’s Home Address
  • Parent/Guardian First and Last Name
  • Parent/Guardian E-mail
  • T-Shirt Size

Q: How do I register a student for the audition?

A: Next to your school location, click on “New Application”. Fill out all of the relevant information to the student, then hit “Save and Close”. Here is a tutorial video to help with this process. You will need to complete this process for each student that is auditioning.

Q: What track will students use for recording the song “I Attempt from Love’s Sickness” for their audition?

A: Students will use the same tracks currently found on the VMEA Senior Honor Choir Audition website.

Q: How do we pay for the auditions?

A: Teachers have the following options to pay audition fees:

  • Pay audition fees directly through the Opus Event website with a school or booster credit/debit card
  • E-mail a link to the student to pay directly with a personal credit card
  • Mail a school or booster check made out to “Rock Ridge High School” to the address listed on the invoice created in Opus Event
  • Here is a tutorial video to help with the payment process.
Q: How do my students access the audition?

A: Teachers may email a unique audition link to each student. Here is a tutorial video on how to send audition links.

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