2020 VMEA Virtual Conference “Lobby Performances”

Our small ensemble Lobby Concerts were a great successful at the 2019 convention. We would like to continue that opportunity this year!

We are looking forward to taking advantage of our virtual conference format to feature as much music as possible this year. We know our students are very creative with their video and audio editing. Our hope is that you can encourage your students to submit their best small ensemble virtual projects!

They could be videos produced at a social distance. They could be virtual performances produced through music and editing software. They could be a quartet performing all parts by the same person. This could be a project to include in your classes first quarter. We would love to have submissions from across the state and in all musical areas.  

We know our students are amazing and fearless when producing their music on social media.

Let’s see some of their best.

Thank you for spreading the word to your talented, creative, resilient students!


  1. Projects will be selected by the VCDA. VBODA, and Guitar sections of VMEA and featured on an ongoing playlist during our conference.
  2. The length of programs will be 3-5 minutes.
  3. All applications must include mp4 recordings of the current group applying to perform at conference.
  4. If accepted, the mp4 submitted will be the video that is streamed for the conference so it should be conference ready.
  5. Applications must be submitted to the VMEA website by Friday, October 23, 2020.
School Information
Director Information
Ensemble Description
Video Submission

You Must Either Provide an Uploaded Video in .mp4 format that is under 50mb or a direct link to a video that can be viewed and downloaded by the committee.

Contact Information

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