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Robert Stamback Honors Choir
Memorial Award


The VMEA Robert Stamback Honors Choir Memorial Award, established through donations given in his memory, is to be presented annually to a deserving choral student selected by the Memorial Scholarship Committee, in agreement with the Honors Choir Chairman and the VMEA President. The Stamback family requests that the scholarship be awarded as an annual $200 financial assistance to an Honors Choir member. Robert Stamback was active in the establishment of the VMEA Honors Choir and was an outstanding choral director at Tucker High School in Richmond and Lake Braddock High School in Fairfax County. He was also a past president of VMEA and VCDA. His enthusiasm and passion for music has had a lasting impact on music education in Virginia.


Each applicant must be a senior who has been enrolled in the school choral music program for a minimum of two years, receiving credit for participation. Each applicant must submit three (3) recommendations; one must be from the student’s choral director, one from an academic teacher or private voice teacher, and one from a school administrator or guidance counselor.

The Choral Director of each applicant should include a statement indicating a financial benefit of the award, if applicable. Although the monetary memorial award was established to assist with payment of the Honors Choir participation fee, it is not limited to that need. Should the monetary award not be needed for payment of the fee, the applicant mat request that the award be donated to the school choral program or donated back to the memorial fund in the name of the student or school choral program. The award is not to be presented as a cash award to a student.


  • Applications must be downloaded from the VMEA/VCDA Honors Choir website and submitted with requirements prior to the deadline date listed on the application.

  • To be considered for the award, applicants must be selected as an Honors Choir participant. The recipient will be selected prior to the due date for the final Honors Choir fee payment.

  • The $200 award will be remitted to the Honors Choir Chairperson in the name of the recipient unless requested as a donation to the school choral program or memorial fund.

  • Notification of award recipient will be sent to the choral director, the recipient, the Honors Choir Chairperson, VMEA Treasurer, and VMEA President. The recipient’s name will appear in the Honors Choir Concert program and he/she will receive recognition of the award during the concert.

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